Emma's Rabbit Rescue



There are lots of unwanted rabbits who suffer abuse or neglect. Please help change this because they just want to be loved and have a second chance at life.

Please neuter your rabbits to stop the overpopulation and the high risk of euthanasia. They need protection from abuse, violence and neglect.

Please make a difference and adopt a rescue rabbit.


A Little Information About Myself 

I have been rescuing rabbits since February 2006. Before this I used to have just my own pet rabbits, but then in February 2006 I had my first call asking if I could take in two male rabbits that have been fighting, this is how I started because I then started to take in rabbits for local vet practices and people who can no longer look after their pet rabbit anymore. It has grown from there and I now normally have in the region of 25-30 rabbits at one time. We were originally located in Luton, Bedfordshire but at the beginning of Dec 2016 we relocated to Wootton in Northamptonshire.

Please do not contact me if you intend to breed rabbits as there are too many unwanted rabbits. I will refuse to give any of my rescue rabbits to a person that wants to use them for breeding.